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Alex Perret was born in 1979. Over 12 years ago, he decided to travel beyond the French borders, as soon as he had obtained his university degree. His eyes fell on Argentina. There his camera became a means with which he started to question and share the world around him. He was a guest in the small village of Pumamarca in the Andes for four years. This period of his life revealed his love for its people, ever-growing through new encounters. The poetry and hope of this South-American population nourished him and he tried to transcribe these feelings through his photography.

His photography is related to his personal positions and to his sensitivity, to his private life, to his travels and to the relationships which he links with the others. It' s basically a work-oriented on life, the daily-life, its peculiarities and its details.

Through his photos, Alex tries to recreate these significant moments of emotion, to show us that beyond our differences, We are a bit the same.


… " I don't create, I observe. My photography is human and positive. I love people, this is the main theme of my work since my first pictures. Respect for each other! This is what traveling has taught me!

I am self-taught, which allows me a complete freedom of expression. I remain close to the subject photographed as well in the urgency of the moment as in a most studied work. Human remains definitely my favorite topic."...

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